Have You Ever Stopped to Think About What Happiness Means to You?

what happiness means to you
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Taking a look around you when walking or sitting in a car can tell you a lot about happiness. Especially if it is something you are actively looking for. Most people don’t take the time to think about what happiness is to them, this is because most of us don’t stop to think about stuff like this. Even more, if you have a job, family, friends, and responsibilities. It’s just not something you’re going to think about when you have all these things happening in your life. Just take a look at the people around you next time you’re sitting in a car looking outside or when you’re just walking. I bet you will start to notice something. This is something I always tend to think about when I am alone and I just stop to think about what makes me happy. I think this is something that most people should think about when they have no distractions. Just see where it takes you.

why happiness is important
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Since I always tend to spend time thinking about this, I already have somewhat of an idea of what to look for and bring in my life to make me happy. This is going to be different for you and every person out there as well. It might also take a long time or a short time, it depends on the person and how they think. Most people nowadays when they think about happiness, they think about money, love, materialistic stuff, things that don’t matter. To me, I always thought that the way you think and see the world is what would determine how happy you’re going to be. Now, one of the first things you must do is figure out the way you think. Stop and analyze what you do, what you think about, what puts a smile on your face. When you do this, make sure you have no distractions around, and when you’re done write everything on a piece of paper. Writing it down on paper will help you by making it tangible. The second thing is to figure out what you want to be in your world. For most people, this is a hard thing to find out because most of the time their world is filled with all sorts of things that take up their time, resources, and attention. Which then tends to leave them unhappy, frustrated, and trapped. That’s why it’s important to stay true to yourself and not let anyone distract you.

how happiness happens
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Most people in today’s modern world always tend to miss what true happiness is and when it can come. What is crazy is that happiness can happen at any time and any level as long as your mind is right and your view on what you’re looking for is right. Too many modern people today get it wrong when they start to think that they need this huge long list of stuff. That they need to fill their life up with materialistic things. These types of individuals always tend to be unhappy and believe that the outside world is more information than their view. Always try to go for a balance of both and for what makes you happy.

where happiness lives
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