How to Teach an Older Dog to Sit?

Victor Rivera
4 min readAug 24, 2020

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· How Do You Teach a Stubborn Dog to Sit?
What Are the 7 Basic Dog Commands?
How Do You Teach an Old Dog Basic Commands?
What Age Do You Teach a Dog to Sit?

It is definitely easier to teach and educate a puppy than a grown dog, but while a lot of people think it is useless to teach an old dog new tricks it is definitely doable as long as you have patience and a will. In this article, we aim to help you learn how to teach an older dog to sit.

how to teach a stubborn dog to sit
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Before starting, keep in mind that you will need loads of patience and that positive reinforcement works much better than negative reinforcement. Never lose your patience, scream, or worse, hit the dog. Hold a treat that your dog loves in your hand, make it known to him or her that you are holding it. Say “Sit” loud and clear, and gently push the hind legs of the dog, or their hips, so they will assume a sitting position. Once they are seated, give them the treat and let them know they did a good job. Repeat this and say “Sit” in the same tone and cadence, in a firm but not angry voice; and feed them a treat. Soon, your dog will need no guidance and they will sit without you needing to use pressure. At that point, start offering positive reinforcement by petting them or calling them a good boy instead of using treats. In no time, your dog will follow your commands but patience is key to success.

how to teach a dog to sit
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How Do You Teach a Stubborn Dog to Sit?

One thing that might concern you is how fast your dog is learning and how well they are listing to you. It’s quite natural for some dog owners to want their dogs to learn fast and listing well but we have to be patient especially with a stubborn dog. Stubborn dogs are the ones you have to be most patient with especially if they are not listening to you. Remember that it's ok if you have used treats for a lot longer than you would have because you want them to pay attention to you and your commands. Traning a dog requires one on one interaction, treats, and patience…