What Are The 10 Most Important Inventions?

Victor Rivera
5 min readNov 18, 2021
What are the 10 most important inventions
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Humankind since the beginning has managed to come up with innovative ideas. These creations aim to promote the quality of life. These man-made tools known as inventions are proof of superior intelligence. This article aims to pay tribute to the best 10 most important human inventions of all time. Curious to know what they are? Read on and find out.

Top 10 inventions
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10/10. The Internet: Bringing Everyone Closer Together

Can you imagine life without the Internet? This invention has become a backbone of the industries such as finance, manufacturing, education, logistics, and travel among many others. The concept of this innovation was originally intended for US military purposes in the 1960s. Fast forward 30 years to the 1990s, this phenomenal tool has reached the mainstream. From then on it managed to change how people live.

Top 5 inventions of all time
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9/10. The Airplane: Enable Man To Fly The Skies Like Birds

In ancient literature, man has always dreamed of flying across the sky like birds. Through the brave efforts of the Wright brothers, this idea came to life. The development of Aviation made traveling easier than ever before. Greater distances are reached with lesser downtime. As this invention continues to progress, travel has become accessible to all. Industries like tourism flourished, and trading has improved thanks to the airplane.

Most important inventions of the 21st century
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8/10. Telephone: Bridging Gaps By Effective Communication

Good communication is the key to success. During the late 1870s, Alexander Graham Bell managed to find a way to convert voice to electrical signals. Part of the credit can be attributed to the development of the Electric Telegraph by Samuel Morse. But compared to its predecessor, voice communication is more efficient and does not require special training. The Telephone has effortlessly managed to deliver communication in real-time and in the fastest way possible.

What is the greatest invention of mankind
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7/10. Electricity: Energizing Everything into Life

In one day, the whole world would consume a large sum of electricity to power up numerous items. This invention is also the lifestream of many machines, computers, mobile devices, and transportation. The usage of electricity has come a long way from its humble beginnings of lighting up cities. It has now become a commodity everyone depends on to keep their daily lives in balance.

2020 inventions that changed the world
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6/10. Steam Engine: Revolutionizing The Productivity Of Work

As the human population grew, resources to support life also increased. To supply basic needs it was necessary to produce things faster. In the same way, jobs and efficient productivity of the workforce needed improvement. The invention of the steam engine paved the way to the new age of the industrial revolution. Manufacturing things became faster, and transportation through steam-powered trains made life more comfortable.

Best inventions of all time
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5/10. Penicillin: The Ultimate Solution To The Threat Of Bacteria

Health and well-being are a priority. Numerous scientists devoted their lives to finding ways to preserve it. One of the greatest inventions in the medical field is the antibacterial drug Penicillin. The development of this is thanks to Alexander Fleming’s accidental discovery of the antibiotic fungus Penicillium. This medicine is an effective treatment for the upper respiratory, middle ear, and some skin infections.

Modern inventions
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4/10. Printing Press: Supporting Knowledge And Information Sharing

Books and other printed media are important references that scientists and researchers use to support their studies. When the Printing Press was invented by Graham Johannes Gutenberg in 1439, sharing and printing information was never the same. This invention made books, newspapers, and other printed media production faster. It has empowered the people to know more and serve as references for the future.

Greatest inventors of all time
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3/10. Compass: Guiding Explorers To Discover The World

In the old world, traveling the vast seas, the correct direction was essential for survival. Initial seafarers would depend on the locations of the stars to determine their path. However, doing this requires experience, and its effectiveness varies. The invention of the Compass erased all doubts about finding the true North. It was first made using lodestone by the Chinese in between the 9th and 11th centuries. Travelers now have an ally in finding the right path.

Best inventions in the last 20 years
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2/10. The Nail: Supporting Structures Through Effective Fastening

Nail is an invention that is the foundation of how human civilization managed to build. According to records since Ancient Roman times, nails aided construction. Up to the present, nails are still fundamental in building homes, skyscrapers, bridges, and other establishments. With this invention, structures stand proudly and stay sturdy.

Top 100 inventions of the 21st century
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1/10. The Wheel: The Proof Of Human Ingenuity

The Wheel is one of the earliest inventions of man. It was invented in Mesopotamia roughly around 3500 B.C., with the purpose to aid pottery making. The mobility of this invention paved the way to create transport for goods and people. It is also the inspiration for motors and engines that are equally great innovations. The Wheel is considered the building block of all inventions. With it, man has found the confidence to build a lot of inventions.

Inventions in the 19th century
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Now is that not quite a journey that humanity has made. We have improved in so many areas, that humanity just keeps growing and improving. It’s always interesting to read about all the different inventions and inventors that got us here. Makes me wonder what else is out there for us, just waiting to be discovered.

19th century inventions that changed the world
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