What Inventions Did Egypt Invent?

Victor Rivera
3 min readNov 21, 2022
inventions from egypt
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When you think of Egypt, what comes to mind are the pyramids and mummies. However, these are not the only inventions Egypt invented. They invented the black through a mix of soot, vegetable gum, and bee wax. Through them, we got to have an ox-drawn plow to revolutionize agriculture. Besides this, Egyptians invented the calendar by recording the reappearance of Sirius in the eastern sky. The police were also invented to keep order in the old and middle kingdoms, and surgical instruments for medical surgery. Furthermore, the Egyptians invented makeup since both men and women green eye makeup with the belief that it would cure eye disease. The writing was also developed through them through pictograms. They constructed canals along the Nile river to plant in their fields, thus inventing irrigation and the sickle to harvest wheat and barley. Lastly, the shadoof came to be through the Egyptians, a way of irrigation by using a bucket and a weight on the other end to bring water into canals for irrigation.

inventions in egypt
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Who Invented Egyptian Hieroglyphics?

Pyramids, mummies, and sphinxes are some of the images that spring to thoughts when we think about Egypt. Without a question, Egypt provided a wide array of technologies and innovations, some of which we still use nowadays. From hieroglyphics to mathematics, these are the top most significant Egyptian innovations. The inventions from Egypt, particularly hieroglyphics, are outstanding masterpieces. Jean-fran&ccedil is Champollion, with the assistance of the rosetta stone, ultimately deciphered hieroglyphic lettering in the 1820s. . In ancient Egypt, hieroglyphics were used to write the Egyptian language. The hieroglyphic writing system combines logographic, syllabic, and alphabetic components. Many researchers benefit from the hieroglyphic writing system in understanding Egyptian society’s working system. It is believed that the hieroglyphic writing system was created approximately 5000 years ago in Egypt. Hieroglyphs are images that depict a full word, syllable, or phoneme. Though hieroglyphics are not actively used, some ancient Egyptian symbols can still be found in current…