What Is Man’s Greatest Invention?

Victor Rivera
4 min readNov 15, 2021
inventions that changed the world
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As civilization advances, so does technology. Inventions had been part of the advancement of civilization. Throughout history, technology has played a vital part. We had gone far from the first humans who used rocks as cutting tools. We are now a society that does things in an instant. Even building homes now can be done with a 3D printer. Transportation and communication had never been easier and faster. Technology is getting better and continues to improve. All these advancements had started with the simple machines that had then evolved and became the technology that it is now. There are a lot of inventions that have impacted humankind. From sharpening the rocks to enable men to cut through trees and leather and many other things. The invention of this enabled them to create more things. From there, man-made products had greatly improved and we became the most powerful beings on earth. Technology has eased our lives. We no longer have to go to the river to wash our clothes, we developed pipes to bring water home and we got washing machines to wash our clothes. We had made machines work for us. With all the many inventions, what are the most important inventions of humankind? What is the invention that has greatly affected human lives? There have been various inventions that would qualify this list, the wheels, the nails, and penicillin are among a few of the inventions with a huge impact on humankind.

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Man’s greatest invention is the wheel. Before the wheel was invented our ancestors were only able to move goods for a short distance. The wheel most likely originated from Mesopotamia. It is known as potter’s wheels since it is used to shape pottery. Land transportation had connected people and culture. The evolution of knowledge is faster when there is involvement among cultures. Wheels are the greatest invention in humankind because they can start interconnecting societies. Towns and cities were able to grow faster. Goods were easily transported and trade had improved. Wheels had opened a lot of opportunities. The result of the creation of wheels had been an overwhelming help in improving society as a whole. It could have been different had the wheels not been invented. Wheels later had paved the way to the more complex machines. Wheels had changed human society. From transportation to the creation of a better and bigger society. In transportation, goods are transported in volume. This no longer requires huge manpower to transport heavy goods or goods in large volumes. Goods travel faster. Trade can be done faster. Food can easily reach its destination and will avoid getting spoiled. Trade routes were established along the roads. When wheels were not invented yet, rivers were the usual trade routes because the boats made of logs were first invented before the wheels. Transporting goods was easier and faster because they follow the flow of the river so they need not exert too much force. With the invention of wheels, even lands that are far from the river had started trading posts and can now trade goods.

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With the establishment of towns and cities, accessing education and knowledge has been easier. The gathering of people has been easier so the exchange of information is also easy. This had prompted further development. Wheels had evolved too much from the solid disc to a metal alloy and rubber fitting. Wheels were now designed to adapt to different climates and different roads. While wheels had evolved, their purpose had not changed much. It is still attached to a wagon (now body of cars) to transport goods, animals, and people. The invention of wheels surely had paved the way for more inventions and had led to people connecting faster. The technology now has advanced that scientists are projecting that cars with wheels will be obsolete in the future. This is not surprising. As some technology is progressing, some are getting behind and are getting rid of. The good thing about technology and inventions is it shows that we continue to evolve as human beings. Wheels had paved the way to a more fast-paced life. One day, when wheels are no longer used in transportation, the future generation will still remember it not just as a remnant of the past, but the object that had led to a better, more comfortable transportation means.

top 10 inventions that changed the world
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