Who Invented The Printing Press In 1439?

Victor Rivera
3 min readNov 16, 2022
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In 1439 a German inventor and craftsman named Johannes Gutenberg invented the method of printing, which is the origin of the modern-day printer. Some of the elements he used for the first printing press include metal alloy that is durable and can quickly dry up and oil-based ink that is reusable and can quickly be transferred to the paper with the right amount of pressure. This kind of ingenuity has not been seen in Europe which is why his invention became legendary and historic not only he changed the way people print news and information, but began what is the so-called information revolution because everyone is able enough to print from books, newspapers, and posters. Guttenberg has also been thought to have invented the punch matrix system or called today metal casting, with his greatest invention he created his ultimate masterpiece known as the printing of the Bible by Johannes Gutenberg which contains forty-two line bible.

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What Did The Printing Press Do?

Johannes Gutenberg changed the world when he invented the printing press in 1439. While printing books with woodblocks had been a thing for centuries, Gutenberg’s printing press switched out the wood for metal letters and transferred the ink to paper. It quickly became known as a “moveable metal piece,” because the letters could be switched around. The letters were all in reverse though, placed in a frame, and covered with ink. Then, the frame was attached with a screw fixture so that the user could press a handle down, pushing the metal plate onto the sheet of paper, which was typically clamped on top of a wooden plate. The biggest accomplishment of the printing press was its ability to print up to 250 pages an hour. To print another page, all one had to do was rearrange the metal letters to create new sentences. This significantly changed how books could be printed and was time efficient for that era!

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How Did The Printing Press Work?